A poem by Maria Barnas based on works by graduating students of Fine Arts and conversations about their work. About things that grow and things that do not. About people and places that disintegrate. About a need to quell a general unease, being destabilized and working against stone. About working against time, not wanting to be in the present and looking for a way out. About being in-between, leaning in and blurring borders of reality. About Emila, Pablo, Sophia, Simon, Jesse, Paulina, Maria, Riun, Lova and Mark.

The room is full of summer
storm gathering strength.
We breathe repeating trees
and unease bristling

with faces and snow voices
chasing each other again
sometimes swirling
in a song we will remember.

Will anything grow here by then?
Were these our bodies to carry?
What will we morph into?
Where is the pause button?

We need a place for the body to rest.
Close the door and keep the light
in. But let the bird out
with too many wings in me.

Master of Fine Arts 2024

Emilia Sølvsten pdf
Jesse Blaauw pdf
Lova Ranung pdf
Maria Landgren Hilmersson pdf
鍾正, Mark Chung pdf
Pablo Rezzonico Bongcam
Paulína Gajerová pdf
Riun Jo pdf
Šimon Chovan
Sophia Lengle pdf

Curated by Zaïra Pourier

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