Helena Keskküla

“Moss Doesn’t grow…”
20’ performance / aquatint prints, clay, wood

Performance schedule
7, 8, 9, 10, 11 July

“Moss Doesn’t Grow…” is a series of works about a not-so-mythological woman’s journey to become a stone carver. The works draw inspiration from Estonian mythology and revolve around Linda, the mother of the Estonian hero Kalevipoeg. Linda has found a new life and voice in contemporary Amsterdam, while struggling with a big boulder in the middle of her bedroom.

During a few nights of the graduation show it is possible to listen to Linda and the Oof stones telling her story. The story is told and sung by Helena and three kids – Lumi, Mila and Alide – whom she tutors in art and music during the weekends. When the performance is not happening, visitors are invited to take a look at Helena’s series of aquatint prints to learn more about Linda’s world.

Helena Keskküla is an Estonian artist who works mainly with video, installation and performance embodying different characters who are haunted by anxieties or insecurities caused by our cultural space. Recently it has been pointed out to Helena that she seems to be interested in failure, which she approaches with humour.